September 9, 2022

What Your Fav Coffee Reveals About Your Career?

You either feel caffeine's stronghold on you or see it with your coworkers. Since we're in the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, let's celebrate with a conversation about your career and how it may relate to your favorite type of coffee. 


Fun Fact: Each year, a person will drink 1,000 cups of coffee at work. 


Whether you work in marketing, healthcare, or hit the streets as a reporter, the love so many have for the liquid gold makes coffee a universal language. 

The list below explores possible professions you're in based on how you take your coffee. 




  1. Black Coffee 

Black coffee drinkers are, as you'd expect–introverted, patient, close-minded, and not always the most cheerful; however, they are very responsive, responsible, hardworking, and dedicated to their work. Downing black coffee means you also appreciate the brew's flavor just like you do your job. You are known as efficient, fast, and thoughtful -- all characteristics that best represent financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, executives, journalists, construction managers, and doctors. You are a "work-first" professional who puts time and effort into your 9 to 5 without missing a beat.  


    2. Americano  

Americano drinkers are known as rule followers. You are typically firm in your opinions, efficient, and strong-willed. Being precise in your profession and dedicated to your passions is how others label you. You're reliable and hardworking but not as rigid as black coffee drinkers. If this is your favorite caffeinated drink, you're probably a firefighter, police officer, judge, or coach. 


    3. Espresso  

Espresso drinkers are like their coffee – intense. You typically have a bold personality, are a natural-born leader, and are well-traveled. Ordering an espresso at a coffee bar is equivalent to calling for a whiskey neat at a bar. You are a powerful, no-nonsense individual who knows value when you see it. Because of these traits, you may fit the mold of a marketing manager, work in advertising, sales, or be a realtor.  


   4. Cappuccino 

Cappuccino drinkers are slightly more adventurous than latte drinkers. You, my friend, are up for learning new skills or visiting new places. People describe you as interesting and open-minded, and your coworkers feel you are always up for a good laugh. You are on the extroverted side, creative, and spontaneous (when you want to be). You are a Cappuccino drinker if you're a graphic designer, nurse, veterinarian, or technician.  


   5. Latte 

Latte drinkers are very common and are not big fans of classic coffee but crave their caffeine fix differently. You seek the safest bet, are not too adventurous, and are typically people pleasers. You like your comfort zone and put other people before yourself more often than not. In the workplace, you are generous with your time. Because of this, we're pairing latte drinkers with these professions: counselors, HR directors, assistants, and customer success representatives.  


   6. Iced Coffee 

Iced Coffee drinkers are typically an outlier, and you play it to your benefit. Being a lover of this cold classic means you are known for going against the grain or playing by your own rules. You are generally interested in finding ways around the norm. Your creativity, excitement, and ability to be a difference maker are noteworthy. Make some noise if you are a musician, editor, copywriter, reporter, or professor.  


   7. Flavored Coffee 

Flavored or sweet coffee drinkers are the most social of the coffee-drinking bunch. You are sometimes playful by tapping into your imagination and creative side. You deserve a trophy for the trendsetter that you are. Never the one to be shy when it comes to taking risks and trying new things (and posting all the action on Instagram). You love a quick fix and being experimental. Your coworkers probably tell you you're outgoing, flashy, and loud. The life of the party! You likely have the personality of an event planner, hairdresser, cosmetologist, or flight attendant.  


   8. Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Pumpkin Spice Latte drinkers are the most interesting of all coffee drinkers. You are into fads and a good ol' life hack, and you also enjoy showing off and care if your coworkers like you. As a PSL fan, you are a warm, hearty professional who looks for a PSL, especially when your confidence is low. Fun and adventurous are two words to describe you, but you will take the time to recharge your social battery. This one goes out to the teachers, Broadway actors, college students, and retail staff!  


When it comes to coffee, your personality can reflect what's in your cup. Does your go-to order speak to your profession? Or are you inspired to explore a new career? Let me know! 

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