July 29, 2022

The Secrets to Help You Change Careers

In the U.S. alone, a staggering 4 million people have abandoned their employment every month since the start of the year. New numbers from a job market analysis indicate this trend isn't going to slow down either. Economists are keeping tabs on the worldwide talent pool and note that almost 40% of workers are considering leaving their current positions in the next 3 to 6 months. 


There are many reasons for the mass exodus, or Great Resignation as it's commonly called. One of the most prominent motives for this shift, and what's drawing employees to cnect, is feeling unaligned and dissatisfied with their jobs, a feeling that's inspiring career changes. 


Make It Happen

Here's one more number to consider—the typical individual works 90,000 hours in their lifetime. As you chase change, it's essential to do work you love and be at a job that lights you up in some way where you continue to develop and grow. We spend a significant portion of our days at work, and life is too short for Sunday night blues. After acknowledging and overcoming any possible fear of exploring a new field that may be uncharted territory, you'll start to create a vision for the life you want. Documenting your transferrable skills will help you take off and empower you. Know that you're not alone as you gear up for the next venture; cnect is here to help you land your dream job. Creating a digital profile allows you to list off the work qualities you gathered while letting you show off your charm and passion to employers with a First Impression Video. You will highlight yourself in a way that a resume could never. A cnect profile is viewed 100% of the time compared to resumes that get trashed 75% of the time.  


     1. Paint a Picture 

Here's my advice as a former TV news reporter who has taken her talents to the world of marketing...

Inform as you apply. Your prior positions and experiences don't always convey the complete story. As a journalist, I was known for gathering information to write stories for the 10 p.m. newscasts, building relationships with beat sources/contacts, and meeting strict deadlines. I was able to translate those accomplishments in my First Impression Video by saying, "To help change the world, I rely on written words, audio, video, and graphics to inspire, enlighten or propel a call to action...all of my work is completed with heart, accurate and delivered on time." Show hiring managers why hiring you is a good idea. Before you record your video, study the job description and connect the dots by describing how you will successfully fill the role and elevate a team. 



      2. Show Your Strengths

Your professional growth is worth more than a simple word document. Include facts about yourself that help hiring teams get to know you better, like your personality and career ambitions. Talk about all the things that best represent your core values which can show the predictors of your work success. You can also share what motivates you and the new challenges you would like to take on in a new job.

Another specific example is if you often utilize your unique sense of humor to bond with your family after work, you may want to use that gift to settle a conflict among coworkers and steer your new team back on track. Some people like to think, but everyone loves to laugh. People won't be able to discover an ability like this unless you share the tidbit in your First Impression Video.


Make Professional Moves Privately

It's possible to make the big moves in silence. Switching industries will force anyone to be strategic, and many will find themselves freezing to make any career moves because they don't want their current employers to find out. A Harvard survey reveals that 58% of people trust strangers more than their boss and other research finds that 50% of employees leave positions to "get away" from a manager. Privacy is a crucial component with cnect too. Be seen by new, prospective employers in secret as your current employment remains secure. Our team makes a conscious effort to keep your profile hidden and private. The cnect database is unsearchable. You select when to give a company access to your profile information and when you want to turn access off. Search for new opportunities with confidence and peace. 


Don't give up! There is a perfect job out there for you to secure and cnect can help you lock it down.




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