August 19, 2022

Q&A: Introducing Cnect's Brand Ambassador Program

The Cnect team is launching a Brand Ambassador Program, officially titled The Cnector's Club. You can unlock access by being a high-energy, enthusiastic student interested in making a difference on campus. Joining our team will place you in the middle of an empowering movement by having a new way to network and find jobs. 


At Cnect, our motto is: The key to success is human connection.  


We are passionate about reminding people that resumes don't show up for work; people do. People connecting with people is superior - not keywords, not serif fonts, not resume reading bots. Anything outside of Cnect's vision shoves individuals into a one-size-fits-all box. 


As a member of The Cnector's Club, you'll take your key and open doors to future opportunities by showing your friends and followers the power of utilizing their platform and communities. 


What we know: 

  • College students are working to find space in the professional world 
  • Telling your story is a more powerful tactic for job recruitment    


Bringing authenticity, genuine connection, and collaboration back into how we plan our careers is the essence of the Cnect platform. We don't believe in hashtags, likes, and comments, which pressure us to be someone we're not. So, we've blocked all of that. 


Your data. Your story. Your future. Your way. 



This opportunity provides ambassadors with a professional network, relevant marketing experience, and commission and incentives. We sat down with our Brand Ambassador Coordinator, Bri Rodriguez, on the fun details of this program.    


Interviewer: Hi, Bri. I bet you're excited. Are you ready to kick things?

Bri: Yes, I can't wait! 


Interviewer: Let's start with the basics.  

Bri: Let's do it.   


Interviewer: What is Cnect? 

Bri: Cnect is an online hiring and networking platform. You can market yourself to employers by sharing your story. We believe resumes undervalue your skills and personality, so we put applicants in the driver's seat to better control their job-seeking journey.


Interviewer: So true! What exactly does a Cnect Brand Ambassador do? 

Bri: A Cnect Brand Ambassador will have a lot of flexibility with this position. The primary goal is to influence your inner and outer circles to create a Cnect profile by sending out a referral link. Ambassadors can create social media content to promote Cnect's mission too. We encourage ambassadors to get creative with outreach by attending or leading school events, emailing students, or reaching out to their school's career center.  


Interviewer: What kind of skills does a Brand Ambassador need to have? 

Bri: We don't require any skills for this job! You'll be a perfect fit if you are passionate about the mission and willing to share the idea with people on campus. 


Interviewer: Do ambassadors get paid?  

Bri: Yes, of course! This position is commission-based, meaning your effort ties into the amount you receive. We will give all ambassadors specific details on compensation when you're accepted; however, I want to note that you can earn up to $34,000 in one semester! 


Interviewer: Wow! That's awesome. So, can you tell me what will the hiring process look like? 

Bri: The hiring process is super simple and accurately represents our system's efficiency. All you have to do is create a profile–which takes about 2 minutes. From there, you'll record a First Impression Video that can be 60 seconds or less. This video replaces the need for a first-round interview. After that, we will reach back out through Digital Dialogue–it's like texting and allows us to ask you more in-depth questions, essentially replacing the second-round interview. This fall, we will host a few Zoom sessions to chat about the program with all applicants. Selected ambassadors will receive their acceptance email! That's it! 


Interviewer: Seems easy enough. What sort of time commitment is this? 

Bri: It will be different for each ambassador as you create your own schedule. We know you have homework and commitments to attend to, so the amount of effort that you put into the program is up to you!


Interviewer: Can I apply if I'm a Brand Ambassador or have a job elsewhere? 

Bri: Sure! If you feel like you can handle that workload, I'm impressed!  


Interviewer: Can I apply if I'm an NCAA athlete? 

Bri: Yes! We love our student-athletes and are happy to have them as part of our program. We encourage you to check with your coach before applying to go over your team's guidelines for Brand Ambassador positions.  


Interviewer: When does the application window close?  

Bri: We are accepting applications until we select 100 ambassadors. I am looking forward to connecting with you all via Cnect! 


Interviewer: Okay. Last Question, why is it called The Cnector's Club?  

Bri: Ha, good Question! Cnect values human connection, and that's the "key" to success. This "key" represents your acceptance into a secret club, similar to The Governer's Club. Once you're in, you can provide intel to others so they can reach that level of success too! Our team thought it was a fun way to center Cnect's story and move the mission forward.  


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