September 2, 2022

You Should Recruit on Social Media. Here's Why.

Social Media is how 92% of recruiters find new job prospects. It's a tool that continues to outshine job boards, advertisements for positions, and employee referrals.

Think about the number of times you've checked your phone before falling asleep or scrolled through your feed first thing in the morning before hitting the bathroom to brush your teeth. The common denominator for why Social Media helps to make the world go round lies within the need to stay connected with friends and family, share information, learn new skills, or be entertained. 

  • Businesses are learning to meet people where they are online to fill open positions. 
  • There's a newer trend of job seekers who know this and are marketing themselves online to be seen and connect with recruiters using Social Media strategically.

How it's relevant: Gen Z are leaders in changing how we recruit and hire online. This generation prefers to land jobs by showing a full scope of who they are, personally and professionally, with the help of Social Media. 

  • Gen Z job seekers see their value; they go in the opposite direction of what's formal, are creative with content, and believe in showing up authentically. 

What it really means for businesses: The traditional way of hiring is broken, and companies are struggling with resumes and cover letters. 

With Cnect, hiring teams can experience interviews by hitting pause or press play on an applicant's First Impression Videos. It's a redesigned and updated hiring process that moves as fast as the speed of life. Cnect lets hiring teams return to the essence of humanity by experiencing an application containing an applicant's story, skills, and life experiences. 

  • Recruiting online gives businesses a greater reach of talent while keeping costs lower.  
  • 80% of hiring managers have onboarded new talent who were passive prospects through online platforms. 
  • 60% of younger professionals (Gen Z) who are looking for internships and entry-level jobs are on social channels. 

Think outside the box and elevate your business by posting your jobs on Cnect. A company is only as great as its employees. 

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