August 26, 2022

4 Reasons Resumes Miss the Mark

Unlocking new doors that lead to ideal career opportunities means eliminating your old ways. Be more strategic in your job search and use a video to market yourself, specifically with a First Impression Video, which can replace your resume. 


  • Many hiring managers say it's exciting to be able to hear and see you when they're looking through candidates. 
  • People are worth more than paperwork as all resumes begin to offer nearly identical keywords and bullet points. 

Below is a list with 4 more reasons to put value in video rather than wasting time typing words on a document. 


1. Stand out from the crowd.   

Recording a video gives you the space and chance to add a personal touch. In addition to your work experiences, you can sprinkle in some of your personality and life experiences to show hiring managers what makes you who you are. You can't do that with a traditional resume. 70% of employers rank personality as the most relevant factor for a new hire.  


2. Enjoy the hiring process.  

So many have disdain for resumes. Good feelings come when you can discuss your vision and idea for the future with an employer. Take those ideas and start a conversation about the career you want in your video. Resumes only recap what you did in the past. Soothe yourself even more by knowing you can record yourself as often as needed before submitting an application, reducing interview anxiety.  


3. Reduce bias.  

Cnect allows you to reach employers 100% of the time with a First Impression Video by shifting attention towards you, not keywords. You can shine no matter what. Traditional resumes never touch a hiring manager's desk 75% of the time because a resume reading bot blocked it due to an algorithm that relies on specific criteria that is hard to meet. If you are too creative and design your resume with graphics and color, bot are known for blocking those too. 


4. You can get comfortable. 

Waste no energy trying to fit yourself into a one-size-fits-all box with a resume. Skip the frustration and tedious task of doing on. Determine what will make you look and feel most comfortable in your First Impression Video and hit the record button. Wear makeup or not, add graphics or don't, wear your Sunday's best or something casual if you'd like. Present yourself in a way that will make you feel unstoppable. After highlighting how you can experience bias in ways that don't relate to how you look or your lifestyle (refer back to #3), you can also be counted out when it does. It's unfortunate, but remember, the hiring team isn't asking all the questions. You have a say in this journey too. Do work with people who want to work with you. Feel confident knowing you offer this world something special with your skills and experiences. 



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