July 22, 2022

3 Ways Branding and Hiring Go Hand-In-Hand

Recent labor market data indicates that 72% of employers say that finding skilled candidates for job openings feels unachievable. Sound familiar? Here’s a quick recap of how we arrived here and 3 things you can do about it.

  • Years ago, pre-pandemic, many people could not afford to pass up the opportunity to work. Receiving a paycheck was the utmost priority for families, so the demand was high when you posted an open job.
  • Fast forward to today, the world has changed, and many folks looking for jobs are becoming more selective with job opportunities presented to them as time passes. Millennials, for example, collectively prioritize fitting in with their co-workers and company culture over money and other benefits. Recent studies highlight the importance of this millennial mindset as engaged employees are known to double their performance, drive growth and revenue, and remain with a company longer.

Take note of the second bullet point because this is where the key to your company's success lies. Attracting qualified candidates is directly tied to how you highlight what makes your company special. Think of it this way; your hiring team wants to know what makes an applicant shine, so now is the time for your company to engage top-tier talent by returning the favor. Put in some work to ensure the talent pool knows how awesome it is to work for your company, its mission, and what employees are offered by being with the company.

  1. Storytelling
    Telling your company's story is "Branding: 101" and should be the foundation of how you run and promote your business. Establish who you are as a company, why you are in business, and what's unique about working there (why would someone consider themselves lucky to get a job offer?). Be sure to present all the answers to those elements through emotional messaging on your company's website and social platforms, as it will influence people to apply, especially those actively and intentionally chasing their next opportunity. There is power in sharing a story; the goal isn't just to tell someone something but to make a person feel. As humans, we can retain only 5% of anything when given information through numbers, stats, or lists. Making the intentional effort to share company updates and other relevant information you want the public to know through storytelling gives people a 65% chance of remembering and feeling more impacted by the message. To leave a lasting impression:
  • Design stunning graphics.
  • Record cool videos with incredible visuals for a "show and tell" effect.
  • Use social media to connect with the clients/customers and the talent pool.
  • Publish any branded material you make to your company website or careers page.
  1. Define the Brand
    Positive feedback from current employees can convert to word-of-mouth recommendations, enhancing the desire to work for those hired while also reeling in potential applicants. As you refine your company's branding strategies, pay close attention to where you see the most success. If it's social media, keep going at it. If videos create volume for your open jobs, keep finding ways to release content. Consistency with storytelling is essential because it's not a one-and-done thing. Just as you want the workers within your company to grow and reach new heights, similar expectations should be the case for your company's brand.

  1. Create and Promote Company Culture
    Any company will have to bring more to the table other than a decent paycheck. People are pursuing livable wages AND environments where they get to be a superhero (not in the sense of exchanging work attire with tights and a cape, but by wanting to feel fulfilled by their work). Taking a job is a significant investment for some, and just like the stock market, people want to see themselves grow too. In simpler words, they seek to be part of a unique project that is greater than a single person. This type of alignment is possible when people mesh well and fit seamlessly within a work culture. Company culture is a part of employer branding and must receive regular recognition and appropriate advertising. At cnect, this principle organically coils into our DNA.

For any first-time visitor who takes a deep dive through any of cnect's social platforms, you get an understanding of cnect's mission and a behind-the-scenes view of the highly talented and intelligent professionals with a work-hard, play-hard mentality.


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What is the culture at your company? Is it well defined? A little soul searching is always good! Ask your current employees how they feel about day-to-day duties and operations to understand the in-office vibe, behaviors, and performance. As you assess outwardly, remember to assess inwardly too. Company leaders lay the foundation for workplace culture by leading by example and being consistent with what is said and done. Conquering company culture means infusing all these tactics into your hiring experience by displaying what you offer to attract new and top talent. As cnect founder and CEO, Michael Nadeau states, "Great companies generally have some of the same ingredients; somewhere in the recipe is a great culture. There are numerous ways to define culture, but for me, it is about working on a team and being part of a work family. I have been fortunate in my career to work with many people and build some amazing friendships. Some of them only lasted during our time together; some lasted a lifetime. Either way, those memories produced wonderful outcomes at work, things I will never forget. When you put like-minded people together, nothing is impossible. Hard work combined with a caring about each other attitude can accomplish anything."


Since founding cnect, he has continued implementing a strong, collaborative culture among its employees. Each hire naturally embraces the brand and becomes an ambassador for the company by speaking genuinely and convincingly about why cnect is a great place to work. In the process, a batch of new talent has come on board by raving referrals. While we're on recruitment, job postings should also reflect your brand. Use the brand voice and tone of the culture when writing descriptions for positions, and don't forget to highlight the company mission and values when you move an applicant forward in the hiring process.


Key Benefits

A nice paycheck is attractive to professionals, but as we mentioned earlier, it's not the total package. Benefits are a way to make your company shine brighter in the eyes of potential employees. Large or small, what you offer your team in honor of being hired is valuable. Virtual or in-person happy hours, access to free online courses or training, pet insurance, unlimited supply of office snacks and drinks, and Summer Fridays are some fan favorites among professionals. All these options show that you are willing to be creative in showing how you invest in your team. Not broadcasting company benefits gives off the impression you have something else to hide, and you never want to be labeled as a shady company. Perks are always something to promote and heavily impact how you attract talent for the better.

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